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Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention: Lesson 3: High Risk areas

June 23, 2016

1. Wet and Contaminated floors:

  • Rain Water (either transmitted internally from open external doors or from feet, umbrellas, coats from pedestrians walking in water.
  • Building leaks (air conditioner drips, leaky roof, ice machine drips, plumbing leaks)
  • Floor cleaning products (either from not using the correct floor products or from not rinsing the floors correctly)
  • Condensation (from variations in temperature)
  • Dust (Natural dust or from stored materials)
  • Debris (plastic packets, food residue, soil, any other obstructing obstacles)

2. Uneven walking surfaces, i.e holes, changes in level, broken or loose floor tiles, uneven steps.

3. Carpets, mats or rugs not laying flat on the floor.

4. Inadequate illumination.