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Shattered Lives Campaign

Shattered Lives Campaign

April 28, 2015

I went over to England to see how the big boys in the non-slip world do business and I came across this campaign headed up by the HSE Slipping on oil in kitchenin the United Kingdom, called Shattered Lives. I think that something similar to this should be done in South Africa, so we at Axis Antislip Technologies are proposing a similar campaign with our local government.

Far too many people in South Africa regard slips, trips and falls with little respect. Research companies across the world have proven how detrimental a slip, trip or fall is on productivity, morale and overall performance. This is all second to the scheme of a persons life, livelihood and mobility. I have seen factories, industries and corporates with slip related problems which are criminal in nature, and I applaud those companies because they are being proactive by getting our team of non-slip experts to assess and fix their slip related problems.

This a photo from the HSE Shattered Lives campaign. This photo is quite shocking but it is by no means a misrepresentation of the facts. Slips, trips and falls can shatter lives. Well done HSE United Kingdom!