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Confidence in our non-slip samples

Confidence in our non-slip samples

August 23, 2016

There are many sub-standard non-slip products floating around South Africa. We at Axis anti-slip, urge you to try our non-slip samples before you buy. We will never mock our competition, but we care for our customers and will try give you as much information as possible and hope you make the right choice.

The consequences of buying a sub-standard product can have major implications to your family, employees and stakeholders. Below is a list of a few problems that you may experience if you purchase a poorly manufactured non-slip product.

1.) adhesive failure. (Tape won’t stick for as long as it should)
2.) grit delineating prematurely. (the rough stuff falling off)
3.) grit carrier shrinkage (cheap materials are used which don’t stand up to our South African weather)
4.) poor information in choosing the right product (essential to the longevity)

These are the broad outlines of problems that can occur, there are obviously many different reasons why our competitors have such problems, and unless you are a scientist and have a testing lab, it will be very hard to diagnose the problem. This is why we encourage you to ask for samples to test any non-slip tape in Africa against ours.