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Our Quality vs Everyone else’s

Our Quality vs Everyone else’s

October 20, 2016

Currently our non-slip tapes are imported in pre-cut sizes, we are however looking at purchasing machines to cut our non-slip tape into custom sizes.

Recently we had a customer order non-slip tape and then needed it to be cut down. Logically we went to a local competitor who slits their own non-slip tape, we asked them to cut our tape with their slitting machine. Our competition came back with a great compliment to the strength of our non-slip tape. Our anti-slip tape literally chewed up the slitting machine blades. They apologised profusely and sent the uncut non-slip tape back to our offices and said that they have never had that problem before.

We then spoke to another local importer of non-slip tape and told them the story, to which they replied, “we can definitely cut your non-slip tape” After sending the tape and a bunch of excuses later our non-slip tape came back uncut. They had the same response and told me that they have never had a problem like this before. This is a testament to how strong our non-slip tape is.

Both of the above companies, slit their own non-slip tape with absolute ease. Hopefully this will raise eyebrows.

I strongly urge all potential buyers to ask for samples and then test them. We are always happy to supply samples. We will help you by giving you the test methods. This is unfortunately the only way to guarantee the quality of the non-slip tape. If a supplier doesn’t want to supply a sample you should walk away immediately.