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About Our Company

At Axis Anti-slip we strive to engage with our customers on a constant basis before, during and after sales. We believe that helping you choose the correct non-slip product for your specific application will lead to overall satisfaction with our robust range of non-skid products.

The majority of accidents can be prevented!

Please be wary of the non-slip products you use, as the amount of cheap sub-standard products that have flooded the shores of South Africa is quite disturbing. If you have the slightest worry, please request samples from us and test our non-slip product against any other product in the country.
Cheap sub-standard non-slip products can be detrimental to your family, employees and customers. These cheap non-slip products may seem to work at first, you can trust that they will wear off far too quickly and you will have to spend more money on removing them and replace with our durable products. We have tested against our competitors and only 3M compares to our tape. Consider the effort and labour expense when choosing a non-slip product.