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Non-slip tape Installation Instructions

Follow these installation instructions to ensure your product lasts like you expect.

Surface Preparation. (CRITICAL ROLE)

  1. Make sure the surface is clean, dry and above the minimum application temperature (12oC for at least 24hours)  before attempting to apply our anti-slip tapes.
  2. Remove chipped, cracked paint before applying our non-slip tapes.
  3. Remove all loose debris from the surface.
  4. Wash the area with our BH-38 soap and rinse thoroughly. We have tested this product and it really does a fantastic job preparing the surface before application.
  5. Make sure no dust, grease and grime are left on the floor. If the surface is not free from contaminants, the non-slip tape will stick to the contaminant rather than the floors surface. Be careful when cleaning with solvents as they leave microscopic layers of film, which can affect the adhesion of the non-skid tapes. i.e please don’t clean with Methylated spirits or Turpentine type spirits…

Priming Instructions.

Prime the following types of surfaces:
• uncoated concrete surfaces
• coated, painted or porous concrete surfaces if the surface is excessively rough
• other porous surfaces

2. Follow manufacturer instructions for priming

3. Make sure the primed surface is completely dry before installation of the anti-slip tape.

Application Instructions.

Tools needed:
1. Rubber hand roller or a Rubber mallet (ConformableGrip anti-slip tape)
2. Craft knife or Scissors

Application temperature +12oC (the warmer the better as the adhesive flows better under warmer conditions)

  1. Cut the desired length of anti-skid tape with scissors/craft knife. You can easily cut shapes out of the tape with a stencil (Or call us for our die-cutting service)
  2. Peel back the protective release liner about 5cm from one end and position the piece on the floors surface.
  3. Continue to remove the release liner, and firmly press in place the anti-slip tape as the release liner is removed.
  4. Finally, use the rubber roller to press the anti-slip tape into firm contact with the surface. Starting from the center of the tape moving outwards towards the edges. When applying ConformableGrip, use a rubber mallet to hammer the tape into the desired shape/contour.
  5. On Stairs, apply the anti-slip tape at least 10mm away from the stairs edge to prevent edge curling and premature wear.


  • The ConformableGrip anti-slip tape can be applied over tiles grouting as it will conform to whatever slippery surface you are looking at making safe (You may need to prime the grouting). Whereas the other non-slip tapes are PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) backed and when the PVC is extruded from the machine they come out with a “muscle type” memory, this means that when you try shape the non-slip tape to a contour (i.e deep grouting, chequered plates, diamond plates, vastrap plates and highly textured tiles) the adhesive will stick to the contour and this allow the tape to temporarily mould to the contour but please note that this puts unnecessary pressure on the adhesive and the lifespan of the anti-slip product will be shortened.
  • Avoid touching the adhesive with your fingers
  • Store product at room temperature in a dark dry room.
  • Once these installation instructions are complete, you will be able to walk on the tape immediately, but keep heavy traffic, like forklifts, off until the adhesive is properly set, 24 hours after application.