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Glow in the Dark Vinyl tape



  • 55mm x 45,7m
  • Photo-luminescent self adhesive tape
  • Made from Alkaline-earth aluminate and silicate
  • Long lasting 12hr luminance
  • Non-toxic and chemically stable
  • Weather proof glow in the dark


    • Illuminating dark stairways
    • Illuminating hazardous areas
    • Illuminating low light areas
    • Glow in the dark vinyls that can be cut into shapes
    • Can be printed onto


    • Service life indoors: 7 years
    • Service life outdoors: 5 years
    • Luminescent Value: Initial = 10000, after 12 hours >1.5
    • Film thickness = 0.22mm
    • Initial luminescent value refers to the value from a light meter after 5 seconds, after absorbing light for 15minutes under a light source of 1000LX

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